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AT&T Palm Centro gets reviewed

Nilay Patel

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Now that the GSM Palm Centro has finally landed on AT&T, it's time to check in with the reviewers to see if the EDGE-only model is still worth the $99 -- and for the most part, it seems like it is. Everyone agrees with us that the green keys are funky-fresh, and old as it is, Palm's Garnet OS is still functional and fast enough to make using the thing relatively pain-free, and it seems like the drop from Sprint's EV-DO to AT&T's EDGE isn't a major hit -- after all, you're still using Blazer. All in all, it looks like the Centro is basically the same on AT&T as it is on Sprint: a solid low-end smartphone at an attractive price.

Read - Laptop: "AT&T customers looking for an easy-to-use smart phone should be satisfied."
Read - TreoCentral: "There are more powerful smartphones out there, but few are as cheap, easy to use, and fun as this little guy."
Read - MobileTechReview: "For those who don't need everything... the Centro is worth a look."

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