Look, we're not out to whip the proverbial dead horse, but after taking a long, critical look at how the format war played out from day one, it's just too inviting to not take a step back and ponder how things could've been different. Looking back, we noticed numerous scenarios where it truly looked as if HD DVD had this whole thing wrapped up, and while analysts galore boasted that this grueling war would go on for eons, now we're staring the other camp in the face as the victor. Believe it or not, folks voluntarily caught up in all of this are quite passionate -- shocking, we know -- and we've all ideas players from both sides would have liked to see a few different moves made along the way.

From the get-go, Toshiba proudly proclaimed that its format wasn't a work-in-progress, and while Profile changes left early Blu-ray owners out of luck when trying to access more advanced features, sales numbers just seemed to always fall in Blu's favor. Truth be told, we know many of you simply wish the two would've nailed down a pact from day one and cranked out a single next-generation format, but being that said scenario didn't exactly pan out, how would you have done things to change the outcome of the format war? Would you have tweaked the approach of either side to get this mess over with months ago? Do you feel the "best" camp won out? And would you have bit the bullet and offered up a combo drive in the Xbox 360 if you flew the flag in Redmond? We've all ideas this one's going to get raucous in no time flat, but for everyone's sake, try to think more with your mind and less with your heart, cool?