When will the constant cries of 'Will this be the WoW-killer?' be stifled once and for all? It's an endlessly fascinating debate, apparently, with some huge cachet to be awarded to the winner -- well beyond, of course, the obvious monetary spoils to be accrued. But then, of course, the question transfers to the victor: 'What will be the WoW-killer-killer?'

Pfagh, enough. Let's instead concentrate on the far more interesting question: 'Why does there need to be a WoW-killer?' Does everyone think that Blizzard will just hang it up if some new title manages to amass more persistent accounts then they have? Will current players suddenly think 'Thank the gods, there's an alternative! I can escape my slavish chains!' and then recapitulate their drudgery with the new game? Or do people just feel the need to root for the underdog? Chime in with your thoughts, O Constant Readers.

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