That 8110 flagship isn't the only new GPS device Navigon brought to CeBIT, and lucky for us the 2100 Max and 2120 Max are North America-bound. The "Max" aspect of these units refers to the new 4.3-inch widescreen touch displays -- the regular old 2100 only had a 3.5-inch screen. You'll still have to look further up Navigon's product line for perks like traffic info and Bluetooth, but 4.3-inches of GPS for $299 is nothing to sneeze at. The 2120 adds Canadian maps and sells for $329 CAD. Both devices can also work with Navigon's new FreshMaps subscription service, which updates your maps quarterly for the next three years for $79, and you can also pick up an add-on accessory for live traffic updates for $99. No word yet on when these will be shipping.

[Via GPS Review]