Just a few days after the first scan, Taito has released a few screens of the new Wii Space Invaders game, Space Invaders Get Even. In this "from the Invaders' perspective" game, swarms of glowing 8-bit Invaders take down 3D cities. The player uses the Nunchuk to control the elusive UFO, and the Wii Remote to direct 300 Invaders. The stages are broken into three areas each, and there are forest, city, military, and other types of stages.

We still don't know how the three types of Invader differ, but we can at least see that they can be directed at separate targets, even outside of their traditional formation. We also don't know if "DOOOOOOM!" is the sound of an explosion, or a description of the humans' fate, or if GIR is in one of the ships.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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