In a touching tribute to Dungeons & Dragons creator Gary Gygax, a handful of webcomics took it upon themselves to remember the visionary. Here are some of our favorites (note: not involved in voting process):
And now for something completely different, our picks for the week's other best game-related webcomics. Be sure to vote for your favorite!
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: March 8, 2008
Overstaffed (Awkward Zombie)134 (11.8%)
Communications Degree (VG Cats)255 (22.5%)
This is How I Roll (2P Start)95 (8.4%)
Our Crucial Pamphlet (Penny Arcade)263 (23.2%)
The Treachery of Base Building (Truck Bearing Kibble)180 (15.9%)
Without You I'm Incomplete (Exploding Dog)27 (2.4%)
A Few More Games I'm Glad Were Never Made (Dueling Analogs)15 (1.3%)
Soylent Smash (GamerPALs)166 (14.6%)

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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