It's Sunday morning, and if you're not sleeping in after raiding with your guild until 5 a.m., then allow us to deliver "teh funneh". This week's selection is small, but competitive, and includes a new strip from The Night Council.
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Choose the funniest:
Zergball30 (10.8%)
Mana Berries103 (36.9%)
There can be only one63 (22.6%)
Mage Pattern Baldness67 (24.0%)
Stable Slots16 (5.7%)

Voting results from the week of March 2nd 2008 to March 8th 2008
The Politics of WoW from The Adventured of Disgraph T. Dwarf came in first with 28.0% of the vote. Nothing else even came close. In fact, the rest of the vote was split between 10 other comics, with no one hitting over 14.8%. 'Nough said.

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.

It's Druid's turn for a(nother) nerf