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LTB Audio Systems launches 5.1-channel Q-Home-FX headphones

Darren Murph

LTB Audio Systems has been conjuring up wireless cans for some time now, but unfortunately, its latest offering is barely more exciting than ones past. The Q-Home-FX headphones reportedly crank out "true 5.1 surround sound" by utilizing the firm's "patented technologies for true 5.1 separation and chambering of spatial audio channels." Granted, that sounds more like marketing fluff than anything else, but at least they're wireless, right? More specifically, the 2.4GHz technology allows a range of 99 feet, and there's even a built-in microphone in case you get the urge to Skype in multichannel. Those somehow interested can grab these now (but only from RadioShack's website, go figure) for $269.99.

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