Panasonic puts speakers in TV stand, calls it SC-HTR110

Panasonic SC-HTR110 rack theaterHaving come to the land of HD from the audio world, it's ironic to see the return of essentially "console" systems that put speakers, amps and processing in a TV stand. But hey, fashion moves in cycles, right? Seriously, we'd recommend a HTIB system before one of these, but if you are really space- or fashion-constrained, or simply can't be bothered to think about both audio equipment and display furniture, then Panasonic's new SC-HTR110 might interest you. They've come up with a clever name, "rack theater," which will compliment your (naturally) Viera TV with basic surround decoding (including Dolby Virtual Speaker tech for surround-ish sound), amplification and four drivers spread across L/R channels. All of that, built into the TV stand! Up for grabs next month in Japan (where it makes more sense); let's hope this is one trend that doesn't catch on Stateside.