Microsoft lawyer says Master Chief in Unreal is 'great'

We're sure you saw the delightful cross-platform mash-up that put everyone's favorite Spartan smack dab in the middle of PS3 shooter Unreal Tournament 3. While we got a kick of it, we couldn't help but wonder how Uncle Bill and his army of lawyers felt. According to one of those legal eagles, MS thinks that it's the bee's knees.

Here it is straight from the source: "The developers aren't selling the mod, they're not monetizing Microsoft's IP, they're just creating something to share their love of the Master Chief on a new platform. It's a great thing for us and a great thing for the gaming community." Apparently, we've got the Game Content Usage Rules to thank. Now ... do those apply to G.I. Joe?

This article was originally published on Joystiq.