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British group campaigns against autonomous death-bots


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It looks like professor Noel Sharkey isn't the only one stirred up about autonomous killing machines. An anti-landmine group in London called Landmine Action is now calling for the ban of robots capable of killing people all on their lonsome. The group believes these bots fall under the same category as landmines -- which are outlawed in 150 countries -- and is pressing governments to keep control in the hands of a human operator. The group is also campaigning to put a stop to autonomous cluster bombs (which self-detonate), and feels these bots fall under the same category. Says spokesman Richard Moyes, "Our concern is that humans, not sensors, should make targeting decisions. So similarly, we don't want to move towards robots that make decisions about combatants and noncombatants." Of course, if the bots can pass a Turing test, how will we know the difference? Needless to say, Skynet could not be reached for comment.

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