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101- by 59-foot HD scoreboard coming to the new Yankee Stadium

Richard Lawler , @Rjcc

When the New York Yankees kick off their 2009 MLB season next April in the new Yankee Stadium (hopefully without being rained out Opening Day), they'll do it under a Mitsubishi Diamond Vision high definition video scoreboard. In what it's calling the first HD display in MLB to use its high-density AVL-ODQ8 LED display technology, Mitsubishi is upgrading the Diamond Vision board at the current Yankee Stadium, to a 5,925 square-foot 1080x1920 display measuring 100.79 feet wide and 58.79 feet tall. Sure the Royals might have a few more feet of HD, and the Mets have plenty of HD too, but we think Yankees fans won't have a problem with the team's latest high priced signing.