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Toshiba Portege R500-12Q surfaces with 128GB SSD

Darren Murph

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Well, would you cast a keen eye on this? Over on Toshiba's European website (among other regions), an atypical Portégé R500 (the R500-12Q, to be precise) has made an appearance, and while most everything looks to be the standard fare, the included hard drive certainly isn't. Looking past the 12.1-inch LED-backlit display, Core 2 Duo ULV U7700 processor, 2GB of DDR2 RAM and dual-layer DVD writer lies a drool-worthy 128GB SSD, sure to send the flash faithful into a tizzy. There's no pricing information to be immediately found, but those scouting an ultraportable with a solid state disc have likely already come to grips with the lofty premium sure to be attached.

[Thanks, Philippe]

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