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Vader and Yoda battling in new Soul Calibur IV trailer

After watching the above, almost uncomfortably rad trailer for Soul Calibur IV, we're ready to make a proclamation. If you can watch Darth Vader and Yoda killing dudes and you don't melt, even just a little, then your heart is made of iron and we're revoking your geek badge. Please, just go. Leave your Cheeto-dust-stained Battlestar Galactica T-shirt with Beverly on your way out.

For those of your still with us, isn't it a little unnerving to see someone hit with a lightsaber and not be turned into person fractions? We hope the game includes a "Real World" mode where the fight begins, Yoda casually mentions that he's a Jedi and Mitsurugi puts his own sword in his belly just to save time.

...And yes, we just referred to a world including Yoda and Mitsurugi as the "real world." Please keep the snickers to a minimum.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.