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Full version of indie gem Noitu Love 2: Devolution now available


With a title like Noitu Love 2: Devolution, we're fully aware that it sounds like the kind of inappropriate Japanese dating sim your creepy partner in junior high computers class would oft log on to Newgrounds to play -- but we hope that its unsettling eponym doesn't scare you off from what could be one of the best indie titles of the year. Observe the above trailer, and just try to suppress your glowing nostalgia for cult classics Gunstar Heroes and Mischief Makers.

Creator Joakim Sandberg recently made the full version of the game available to purchase on his website for $20 -- but we know that you, our thrifty readers, will download the free, recently extended demo, to see if the Treasure-esque, mouse-controlled action game touches your heart as it touched ours.

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