Alright, so we've already covered the step-by-step to acquiring a digital converter box for those looking to keep that analog set kicking for the foreseeable future, but what about folks who just want a vanilla TV that'll hold its own after February of 2009? Suzanne Choney over at MSNBC has put together a checklist that encompasses just about everyone -- from folks looking to snag a non-HD digital set to individuals mulling the decision to buy a unit with an integrated CableCARD. Of course, the obvious question that must be asked when shopping a new set is "Does this thing have a built-in ATSC tuner?" If so, you're golden. Still, it's a pretty handy guide for those sick and tired of wading through paragraphs upon paragraphs of technobabble, so give it a peek if you're still scratching your head.

[Image courtesy of NFM]