Remember how we said Verizon was prepping a next-gen PTT launch right behind Sprint? It's still on, and we're starting to get a trickle of intel on at least two devices that'll spearhead the festivities. The first is going to be -- yep, you guess it -- a Motorola, the V750 flip to be exact. The other is going to be the next episode in Casio's G'zOne series of niche-but-popular outdoorsy handsets, which will be known as the c711. Both feature EV-DO (including tethering capability), GPS, Bluetooth, cameras, media capability, and a fat ton of onboard memory, while the G'zOne adds a compass and "rugged styling," which we think is code for "it's not as tough as it looks." We're not sure whether these are still on track for a May launch, but that V750 we saw sure looked ready for prime time, didn't it?

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