Welcome to the latest installment of TUAW's best of the week, where we gather up our favorite posts for your easy clicking enjoyment. It's really been a wonderful week: no updates!

Apple offers photo book discounts for Mother's Day
Looks like Apple is cutting all of the Mac-using-sons around the country a break!

Port Map: easy UPnP port mapping
Ah, the joyous world of port mapping ... not! Well, at least this program simplifies the process.

Mambo Italiano: iPhone for Italy looking likely
Hmm ... me thinks it might be a 3G iPhone. Oh? I am not allowed to start rumors, oh well.

Apple wants to improve online shopping
Apple wants to improve a lot of things. But c'mon, do we really want iPod shaped houses, iMac shaped cars, and all of those MacBook Air -thin TVs? Oh, you do? I rest my case.

MBP vs. MBA benchmarking showdown
Spoiler Alert: Oh wait, nevermind, MacBook Pro wins!

Apple makes a nice jump on the Fortune 500
So this is why PayPal doesn't want to pick a fight with them, eh?

Mac Automation: create a Mail-triggered "spy cam"
Next time you think someone is looking at you, it just might be your Mac!

Twinkle: location-aware Twittter client for iPhone
Yet another way to tell stalkers where you are and what you're doing. Now iPhone compatible!

Flickr Find: Lilliputian iPhone unboxing
I didn't know LEGO made iPhones!

Apple buys P. A. Semi, designer of ultra-efficient processors
No doubt to make that 3G iPhone everyone seems to be talking about.

Apple iPhone SDK Beta 4
Looks like we're getting closer to June; and of course to the iPhone 2.0 launch.

iTunes: Free Tuesday
Get some free tunes.

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