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Seiko Slimstick keeps tabs on your exercise routines

Darren Murph

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While there's a smattering of products out there meant to log your running miles, Seiko's looking out for those who'd rather do a few sit-ups or handle some heavy lifting rather than placing a beating on their knees. The adequately minuscule Slimstick (15-grams; 2- x 6.4- x 0.89-centimeters in size) is meant to reside in the pocket of a given exerciser and track calories burned along with an "overall workout value," which can be benchmarked against one's goal. To do so, it packs a dual-axis accelerometer and a decent amount of fairy dust, and yes, it promises to do all the things your paltry (or lazy, as it were) pedometer simply won't. Your next fitness buddy is available now for just ¥5,775 ($55), or ¥6,980 ($67) with a presumably supreme "strap set."

[Via technabob]

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