Paradigm PDR v.4 subs
The folks up north at Paradigm aren't ones to rest on their laurels, and now they've released the fourth revision of the PDR-8 and PRD-10 subwoofers for all to enjoy. The company is positioning these as budget models in the lineup, but the speaker-geeks didn't skimp on performance; and we love 'em for that. They've front-mounted new 8- and 10-inch polymer-composite cones into updated cabinets with removable grills, and added auto on/off circuitry for the green crowd. The PDR-8 uses 300-Watts to hit its 32-Hz limit, the PDR-10 has 60 more Watts and reaches 3 Hz lower. Available in black or silver, but no pricing was in the press release, so head on over to your dealer if you're interested.

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