Mounts of the World of Warcraft: Profession Mounts

Only those players that have the Engineering profession are able to create mounts for themselves. The mounts require a good bit of material to make, and require a high level profession skill.

Flying Machine

Turbo Charged
Flying Machine

Speed: 100%
Minimum Level: 70
Riding Skill: 225
Engineering Skill: 350
Required Materials:
2x Adamantite Frame
30x Fel Iron Bar
8x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts
8x Star Wood
5x Adamantite Bar
4x Elemental Seaforium Charge

Speed: 280%
Minimum Level: 70
Riding Skill: 300
Engineering Skill: 375
Required Materials:
1x Flying Machine Control
8x Khorium Power Cores
8x Felsteel Stabalizer
1x Hula Girl Doll

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