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Free workout videos for iPod

Dave Caolo , @davidcaolo
You're one of those crazy people who enjoys working out ... and reads tech blogs. It could happen. You've got the Nike+ sport kit and lots of great Nike Sport Music [iTunes link]. What else could you need?

How about free workout videos? Lifehacker points out a series of four free workout videos from Men's Health, optimized for the iPod. Take your pick of
  • The at-home muscle plan
  • The Marine Corps workout
  • Pack on muscle like a pro
  • The ultimate strength-boosting workout
Once you've downloaded* the videos, either double-click the files or just drop them into iTunes. Now you're ready to get pumped!

*A free registration is required or, as LH mentions, just click your browser's stop button before the page loads completely and you'll see all the download links. You're welcome.