About time that Moto's RIZR Z10 sees the light of day, and it'll be shining in O2's spotlight as an exclusive for at least the first little while. Featuring a 3.2 megapixel camera, quad-band GSM / EDGE, single-band HSDPA, support for up to 32GB of pop-in memory, a winning kick-slide form factor, and O2 has even seen fit to pitch in the Borne Ultimate collection on the included 1GB microSD card. If you're a fan of vid and pic editing, the built in editing software on the Z10 should keep you happy with the ability to add a soundtrack, overlay text, and even upload your 30fps opus right to YouTube from the handset. So there ya have it, if you're in the UK and have from $free to £149.99 (roughly $300) to spend, it may well be worth having a peek at.

[Via MobileBurn]