So Nintendo showed up at our place today with a Wii Fit -- and an accompanying personal trainer to crack the whip and make sure our half hour of intro exercises and fitness games burned a sufficient amount of calories. Things we learned: our BMI is on the upper end of the "normal" bracket (shocking, considering how sedentary we are blogging 12 hours a day), our balance is kind of crappy, our "body age" is 39 -- over a decade more than our real age -- and no, not even Nintendo can make a fitness game that doesn't feel at least vaguely like PE. And now the 64k question:

Do you want Ryan to get off his ass and track his Wii Fit progress for a month?
Yeah, dude seriously needs it.22276 (82.2%)
No, and get back to work.2101 (7.8%)
Physical fitness? I wouldn't put anyone through that torture.1336 (4.9%)
I don't know, but I certainly intend for Wii Fit to shed a few of my pounds.1389 (5.1%)

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Wii Fit feet-on: feeling the burn, inadequate