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Wii Fit: the 30 day test starts today

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Since about 20,000 people -- the overwhelming majority of voters in yesterday's poll -- apparently want to see me in pain trying to get in shape with Wii Fit, it looks like it's time to suck it up and do this thing. Although I'd like to start by disclaiming that I've never really worked out with any regularity, I'm not exactly known for my physical coordination, and in school I always came pretty close to flunking PE -- so really, I'm kind of Nintendo's ideal customer.

  • I'll be working with Wii Fit out about 20 game-minutes a day, 7 days a week.
  • My program will consist of five minutes each of routines and games from the four fitness categories: strength training, aerobics, yoga, and balance games.
  • As a control, I won't be dramatically changing up my eating habits. I'm already a reasonably healthy eater, so any physical changes will be more easily attributable to the Wii Fit regimen.
  • I have about a week of travel scheduled this month, so for whatever days I miss on Wii Fit I'll be extending the trial.
  • I'll chart my changes in weight, BMI, coordination, etc. and thoughts on the experience in a weekly update for the next five weeks.
Current stats
Height: 6-feet
Weight: 174.5 pounds
Frame: small-to-medium
BMI according to Wii Fit: 23.65 (upper cusp of normal)
Wii Fit "Body age": 36

Wii Fit goal (you have to set a goal for yourself)
Target weight: 169.5 pounds
Target BMI: 22.96
Target date: 6/12

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