The Joystiq Mother's Day Weekend 2008

Happy Mother's day! We were so happy to play ... by gaming hours on Earthbound on our dusty ol' Super Nintendo console. Wait ... wrong mother? Oh well. (Image credit: protozoider) Check out the highlights for today:

Japanese hardware sales, April 28 - May 4: Mothers in gaming edition
This Week in Review visits LittleBigPlanet
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup looks up at the stars

Gears of War 2 gameplay footage debut
BioWare drops 10-day validation from Mass Effect PC
EA wants you to "Skate It" on Wii and DS
EA takes out $1 billion loan for Take-Two acquisition
Facebreaker trailers: Meet the pugilists
Miyamoto: Ocarina of Time could have been in first-person perspective
Gamecock's Wilson announces candidacy for ESA president
Amazon and Gamestop offering God of War III pre-orders, claim March 2 release

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Kid Icarus Wii details, concept art revealed

Culture & Community
GamePolitics speaks with federal game bill sponsor, ESA deems bill unconstitutional
Ikea'nt believe it: A fully functional giant NES controller/coffee table
Spend Mother's Day playing games with mom

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