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CECT Wrist watch phone is borderline wearable

Darren Murph

Generally speaking, watch phones are rarely useful. Not so much because of lackluster hardware or incompatible drivers, but due to the fact that no one with any dignity will ever be caught wearing one. The CECT Wrist, however, actually isn't a ghastly looking device at all, and although it's far from being a Sea-Dweller, we can't help but give props for the semi-stylish design. Specs wise, the unit boasts GSM connectivity, a 1.3-inch color LCD, FM radio tuner, multimedia player, 1.3-megapixel camera, handsfree support (Bluetooth) and a battery good for 150 minutes of continuous yappin'. Not too terribly shabby for £150.13 ($293), wouldn't you agree?

[Via GizmoScene, thanks KC Kim]

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