Though it's perhaps easier to write these metareviews when critics seem to agree, we really prefer to have some differing opinions in there. That's certainly the case with Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One which has already netted reviews ranging from a paltry 40 to a very respectable 80 (where Penny Arcade's own Gabe slots it, as a matter of fact).

That said, most of the critics are residing on the higher end of that spectrum. Here's a sample of what they're saying:
  • GameSpot (75/100): "This is not just some generic trash stamped with the Penny Arcade logo; this is the long-running webcomic seamlessly realized in video game form."
  • Edge (40/100): "With the episodic development cycle all but demanding that structure and form be locked down in the first instalment, with content added thereafter, the series' future looks precarious at best."
  • Wired (70/100): "...while it does try to bite off a great deal more than it can chew -- and suffers for it -- the game is a solid, clever, hilarious piece of entertainment that will more than please its audience."
  • OXM (85/100): "Twenty bucks is a perfectly reasonable sum when you consider how many retail Xbox 360 games offer the same quantity of content...and we'll bet you didn't laugh half as much playing any of those as you will playing this."

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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