Joystiq Podcast 050 - Self-congratulatory edition

No one thought we would make it this far, ourselves being at the top of that list. But here we are: Episode 50. What have we got? Oh, hows about some classic moments? How about two musical numbers? How about we give away a pirate ship? Yeah, it's huge. You should probably just start listening.

Oh, and big ups to Danny J for the incredible Photoshoppage.

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Hosts: Chris Grant, Ludwig Kietzmann and Justin McElroy

Music: "Fez Dispenser" by Hence the Name.

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Xbox stuff:
Underperforming XBLA titles to be delisted
Xbox Live size limit upped to 350MB, price limit to 1600 MS points 'tool' to fix XBLA DRM fiasco next month
Microsoft: No spring dashboard update this year

BioShock officially coming to PS3

Sublime joins Guitar Hero: World Tour, Activision confirms previous acts, details

Jake Gyllenhaal is The Prince of Persia, says Hollywood Reporter

Brash president jumps ship

First Guitar Hero 4 song revealed
2.Judge: Jack Thompson is guilty on 27 of 31 misconduct charges
1.The Conduit gameplay trailer released

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