Gamasutra's weekly analysis of top game sales offers a great temperature reading on the hottest new gaming properties. It's interesting to note, then, that MMOs are in the top five across all three major gaming markets in the PC category. Age of Conan, of course, is a major contributor to this distinction. The regular box for Conan takes the top spot in American PC sales, while the elusive Collector's edition clocks in an #3.

Over in Europe, MMOs dominate the chart. Conan is in the top spot, while World of Warcraft grabs #2 and the Burning Crusade expansion has a lock on slot #3. Though Age of Conan doesn't appear on Japan's top five chart, the newest Final Fantasy XI collection does. Spot number 3 in the Asian country goes to the venerable massive game. These numbers come from, so take that bias into account when judging these results. Still, the EU sales are particularly interesting; perhaps a spike in WoW sales prompted by the recent Lich King news drop?

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