If you've ran smack into any flavor of foreign object while waiting impatiently for your navigator to "recalculate," you'll likely be salivating for Sanyo's latest duo. The NVA-MS1280DT and NVA-MS1180DT each feature a 4GB SSD drive (though the former adds a 4GB SD card and DVD support), a 7-inch QVGA display, 43-watt x 4 internal amplifier, MP3 / WMA / AAC playback, a 1-seg TV tuner, 3D maps, FM tuner and iPod support. In all seriousness, the SSD is bundled in not so much for its speed, but for its reliability -- either way, we can't help but be enamored. Both units are slated to land in June for ¥181,650 ($1,761) and ¥155,400 ($1,506), respectively, so it's fairly easy to see those solid state discs aren't being thrown in gratis.

[Via NaviGadget]

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