Onkyo readies 500 DV-BD606 Blu-ray player for October release

We're not exactly savvy on what's so special about October 2008, but Onkyo has just become the second manufacturer in the last week to announce a Blu-ray player that will ship in that month. Granted, the firm hasn't made this official or anything just yet, but according to an on-the-scene report from WhatHiFi, the outfit is indeed moving forward with plans for a £500 ($990) Profile 1.1 Blu-ray player -- just as was rumored earlier this year. Regrettably, that's all that we know outside of its model number (DV-BD606), but it is apt to be a part of a "three-strong" video-player lineup when it surfaces this Fall. For those interested, you can hit the read link for a few juicier tidbits about the company's forthcoming receiver lineup, but you'll go hungry searching for more details on this here unit.

[Thanks, Jimmie]