Over at Cognitive Daily (part of the ScienceBlogs network), as part of a larger informal survey, Dave Munger contends that Mac users are less likely to let friends try out their new gadgets than users of other platforms.

Munger noted, "in this context, the fact that Mac users (and 'other' -- mostly Linux users) are so dramatically more stingy with their new gadgets is truly a striking finding, even acknowledging the fact that our readers may not be representative of the public at large."

Now, I know we're all one, big happy family here at TUAW, and playing well with others is second only to "intelligent, thoughtful discourse." But really? Not sharing your toys? That I just can't see.

For your weekend amusement, I'm going to take matters into my own hands, and see how our readers fare given the same questions as Munger's survey.

The survey, and results, after the jump.

How willing are you to let others use your new gadget?
They must not touch407 (12.6%)
They can hold it, but not press any buttons168 (5.2%)
They can try it out for a few minutes while I supervise2205 (68.2%)
They can try it out for up to an hour, unsupervised366 (11.3%)
They can borrow it for a couple days67 (2.1%)
They can have it -- I didn't really want it anyway22 (0.7%)

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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