Klipsch Icon WF-35 speakers
Look at this -- another 2-channel stalwart company that has made the transition to the living room-as-theater world. Klipsch has introduced its Icon W speaker lineup, a traditionally designed (and we think, quite handsome) series that fills in the approximately $2,500 price point for a 5-channel (sans sub) setup. Klipsch has always been associated with horn-loaded drivers, and the tradition continues with the 1-inch Tractrix Horn tweeter deployed across the lineup. And here's something we like -- a naming convention that makes sense. The floorstanding WF-34 and WF-35 (pictured) floorstanders add in three of the 4.5-inch and 5.25-inch woofers, respectively. The WC-24 center channel and WS-24 surrounds use two of the 4.5-inch woofers; we'll let you guess the driver compliment on the WB-14 bookshelf model. Look for these at your local Magnolia store, with "per pair" prices from $499 on the WC-24 center to $1,499 on the WF-35.

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