Mysterious dark clouds shot with some evil energy have appeared all over Norrath, in every zone. But they are more than they seem -- they are not storms at all, but portals into the endless realm of the Void itself. The Void Storms gather up the local creatures and implant creatures of blackest shadow within them, then hold them in thrall until the creature has complete control.

In EverQuest II's Game Update 46, you will be tasked with uncovering the mystery of the Void Storms, and freeing the native creatures of Norrath from their baleful influence. Your dedication will not go unrewarded; full sets of appearance armor (and one set of ... non-appearance armor) are yours for your hard work. Unusual weapons, a cart-load of house items, and even a pet goblin are also waiting for you ... in our exclusive GU46 gallery, that takes you through the entire quest and the rewards offered for your continued dedication to Norrath's cleansing.

Check out the complete quest and its rewards!

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