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Panasonic's HDC-SD100 and HDC-HS100 AVCHD camcorders, now with extra MOS


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Ready for some new terminology? Good, try on "3MOS" -- Panasonic's newest sensor adaptation which, judging by machine translated text, is a trio sensors capturing twice the light of a single CMOS of the same 1/6-inch size. Think 3CCD applied to CMOS sensors. The result is said to be superior image quality and impressive low-light recording capability -- twice the sensitivity of its own 3CCD camcorders thanks to what Panny calls its new "heavy lifting iA" enabling them to shoot in a mere 2 lux of available lighting. That's just a glimpse at what you'll find inside the solid state HDC-SD100 (supporting up to 32GB of SDHC) and the HDC-HS100 hybrid offering both SDHC and a 60GB hard disk for storage. These 1080i AVCHD camcorders also features Panasonic's improved optical image stabilization, a 12x optical zoom, 5.1-surround mic, and HDMI-out.The ¥130,000 (about $1,205) SD100 and ¥150,000 (about $1,390) HS100 should hit the Japanese retail block on July 12th.

Update: English press release now available.

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