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MIT solar dish holds promise for low-cost energy production

Darren Murph

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Look out 1366 Technologies, you've got yet another solar-based MIT spin-off company vying for business in the alternative energy sector. The company's name is RawSolar, and in due time it could end up selling solar dish arrangements that could power factories or even heat / cool office buildings. Recently, a team of students and faculty celebrated as a prototype dish proved that it could concentrate sunlight by a factor of 1,000, which obviously bodes well for converting that into useful energy here on Earth. Another standout feature of the dish is its small size, and furthermore, the material required to build it is relatively inexpensive and accessible worldwide. Sounds like all the ingredients for a successful startup are there, now we've just got to wait and see if anything becomes of it. We're watching you, RawSolar -- don't let us down.

[Thanks, Spencer]

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