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Enclosed electric motorcycle is green and ghastly

Darren Murph

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Yeah, green in more ways than one. That abomination you see pictured above is unsurprisingly kind to Mother Earth, but we'd venture to say that most Americans wouldn't be caught dead driving it... until gasoline hits $10 or so per gallon, that is. Designed by pioneering students at Saint Thomas Academy with the help of a $10,000 InvenTeams grant from the Lemelson-MIT program (among other donations), this enclosed motorcycle hums along courtesy of a battery-driven Briggs and Stratton ETEK electric motor. Currently, the bike can scoot about for 40 miles and reach 60 miles-per-hour, and there's even a GPS unit thrown in to keep you headed in the right direction. Heaven only knows if this thing will see production, but given the way things are trending, we'd place our bets on yes.

[Via AutoblogGreen]

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