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NHRA to test ButtKicker remote-butt-shaking device this weekend

Nilay Patel

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We played around with the home version of the ButtKicker rumpwoofer at CES back in January, but this weekend the NHRA is going to test out the other part of the signal chain: driver Jeg Coughlin Jr. will have a special Bluetooth vibration sensor installed in his car that will eventually allow the home viewer to feel like they're riding shotgun while planted firmly on the couch. NASA is already using ButtKicker tech as part of the Shuttle launch experience ride at the Kennedy Space Center, so it's clearly capable of doing the job, and the plan is to eventually sell subscriptions to the ButtKicker feed as an add-on to NHRA and NASCAR races. That should make weekend afternoons a lot more, uh, vibratey -- but we're not going to be happy until our couch is pummeling us during NFL games with full-speed tackles.

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