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WWI Arena Tournament Day 1

Amanda Dean

The Worldwide Invitational Arena Tournament spans both days of the convention. This year's competition consists of a double-elimination, 3v3 format. Top teams from all World of Warcraft regions around the globe have arrived in Paris to show their skills in hopes of winning glory and fabulous prizes. At the beginning of play the field consisted of sixteen teams:

Pandemic Blue- USA
Nihilum Arena- Europe
Council of Mages-Korea
Made in Taiwan- Taiwan
Pandemic Black-USA
Improved Clicks- Europe
Kill E A- Korea
Elite- China

Muillenium Dream- Europe
MoB Gaming- USA
SK-EU Zombies- Europe
Sapped Cows Can't Say Moo- Europe
aAa nawaK- Europe

The six teams that remain at this time include three teams from Asia, two from Europe, and one from the . Tomorrow we will see if SK-US or Made in will face Council of Mages in the fourth round of Upper Bracket play. Improved Clicks and Kill EA are still alive and well in the lower bracket. Nihilum Arena, Elite, Pandemic Black, and aAa nawaK were all eliminated early in the tournament.

The remainder of the tournament will be broadcast live between 2:45PM and 4:30 pm (CEST) convention time.

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