The best cameraphone ever made? That's Motorola's boastful claim about the new ZN5, but Crave UK's quick initial impression of it suggests that it might not be a baseless, ridiculous claim after all -- not totally, anyway. The cam apparently fires up lickety-split after popping the lens cover into its open position, and the xenon flash seems to outperform anything with an LED (no surprise there). The lack of 3G is a bummer, but at least you've got WiFi there to upload your crisp, clean photographic work. Crave also sends a shout out to Moto for including a 3.5mm headphone jack, and also for delivering a design that clearly contains absolutely no roots in the RAZR. We'll second that motion -- and if Moto can either deliver this mega-cheaply when it launches in September or pop out a second version with 3G at a slightly loftier price point, we're thinking this could end up being one of the most highly-praised products to come out of Schaumburg in a long, long time.

[Thanks, T.I.]

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