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Project Lore brings Alex Albrecht back to us


Been wondering where Alex Albrecht, co-host of The Screen Savers, has been? Turns out he's gotten a few friends together to create Project Lore, a site designed to provide World of Warcraft players with a guide to running various instances. How is this different than all the other websites that offer strategy guides? It's shot really well -- no more tiny, grainy YouTube videos to puzzle over.

The first episode concerns itself with the Hellfire Ramparts instance. The format seems to play out thus: a run through the various mobs, shot at double-speed with incidental strategy tips; a quick regrouping to discuss boss strategy; and then the killing of the boss itself. Sprinkled throughout with WoW-geek banter, Project Lore is sure to either delight or disgust -- such is the way of the Internet. Think you could do better? As one of the team likes to say, "No waiting, just do it!"

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