Wisdom Audio Sage speaker
The gray cloud hanging over the economy isn't good for anyone in the AV marketplace, especially not independent, high-end marques. Factor in the typically long life-cycle for speakers and it's no surprise that many speaker companies are moving into the custom install market, like Wisdom Audio is doing with its Sage Series. Although the Sage speakers do not have to be mounted in- or on-wall (freestanding models are available), catering to customers who shop high-end custom installers should provide some insulation from the economic woes felt by those in lower tax brackets. And the Sage series' planar magnetic drivers, built-in Audyssey MultiEQ correction and closed-box design should keep those customers happy with the sound, too -- even if they're more interested in what the speakers don't bring to the room's appearance more than what they do bring to the room's sound. [Warning: PDF link]

[Via hometoys]

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