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Lenovo IdeaPad G Series gets official... in Malaysia

Nilay Patel

Well hey, there's Lenovo's rumored IdeaPad G Series on the company's Malaysian website as of this afternoon. It's not a netbook after all, but a cheap, nice-looking laptop. Specs for the G400 are slightly less great than what we've heard, but they're not bad: 1.86GHz T2390 Core 2 Duo with X3100 integrated graphics driving a 14.1-inch display, 160GB hard drive, 2GB of RAM, a dual-layer burner, and b/g WiFi -- no n, apparently. Pricing is listed at just RM1,999 ($631), so if this thing ever makes it to the States it'll probably make that Eee 1000 decision just a little harder, no?

[Thanks, Nick]

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