Carmack: Rage to look worse on 360 if limited to two DVDs

Fanboys, start your engines! According to id Software's resident genius John Carmack, the developer's upcoming title Rage could actually look worse on Xbox 360 "due to the compression needed to fit the game's assets on two DVDs," reports Shacknews.

Evidently royalty fees associated with a third disc would make the project financially unviable, so Carmack's looking to Microsoft to bite the bullet and rescind the fee or suffer the consequences (read: a multiplatform AAA title that looks worse on 360). Perhaps, unsurpringly considering the large size of the game's texture files, Carmack doesn't think that Doom 4 or Rage will make their way to digital distribution anytime soon.

[Thanks, Anonim]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.