Export your Yojimbo database to a Tiddlywiki

Tiddlywiki logoYou've got all your iStuff inside Yojimbo (hands up who loves Yojimbo and I'll count, starting with me), but for some reason you need to get it on to another computer, perhaps one running a different OS. What to do?

This AppleScript takes your entire Yojimbo library (well, everything except the PDFs) and exports it to a Tiddlywiki that you can carry around and view on pretty much any computer.

I say "any computer" but iPhone users shouldn't get too excited just yet. Apparently, the standard Tiddlywiki doesn't display that well on an iPhone.

But, ooh, wait: what do we have here?

Thanks to Jon for the tip.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.