On the 20th of this month, the Japanese iTunes Music Store will be invaded by the Space Invaders Get Even soundtrack. The album, which costs 1,500 yen, contains new orchestrated and electronic music from Taito's house band Zuntata. Some of the songs on the album apparently won't be featured in the game, which to us suggests remixes.

While it's not terribly likely we'll see this album in the U.S. -- although Square Enix, Taito's parent company, makes some soundtracks available on the American iTunes store -- it's still great news for us (provided we even get Space Invaders Get Even over here). It means that we'll get a full soundtrack of Zuntata Invaders music in the new game, at least, which should excite any Space Invaders Extreme player.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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