Portable N+ subtracts $10, adds delay

The inevitable "Is that a ninja in your pocket?" jokes will have to wait a little while longer – two weeks, to be exact – as Atari has announced a release date set-back for the DS and PSP versions of N+. The games, which both include features, puzzles, and even screen-scrolling schemes exclusive to their respective platforms, will sneak onto shelves August 26. They were originally slated for August 12.

They say "good things come to those who wait," and in this case the "good thing" isn't just take-anywhere ninja magic ... it's $10 off the original $29.99 price point for both versions. Whether you're planning to stealthily snatch up the DS or PSP version of N+ (or both) they'll only set you back $19.99. Arigato, Atari!

Source – DS Fanboy
Source – PSP Fanboy

This article was originally published on Joystiq.