The Daily Grind: Would you rather play High Elves or Dark Elves?

So we've given you some hot-off-the-pre-NDA lift information on both the Dark Elves and High Elves. Now we pose to you a "Would you rather" situation: Dark Elves or High Elves? We're aware that Elves tend to be a love-hate relationship with most of us. So even if you would much rather run around as an awesome Greenskin or an Order race, we simply must know which of two evils would you pick and why?

We can certainly understand if you'd want to play as the sinister, wicked and all-around clinically insane Dark Elves. Though there are likely plenty of people who enjoy running around in bright nansy-pansy High Elf robes with giant, golden swords, too. Our strategy is to pretend they're not most certainly surrounding us at every moment. If we succumbed to the truth of it, the world we've built up around ourselves may just crush us into tiny, gooey blogger giblets.
This article was originally published on Massively.