EVE Online players know what a valuable resource the forums can be in learning about the game or keeping current with what's happening. However, it would be an understatement to say that it's been getting harder to find what you need among all the clutter. CCP Taera's latest dev blog, Forums Refined, announces the forthcoming EVE Online forum revamp, which will go into effect in the coming weeks. The announced changes don't address the search issues that players are well aware of, but rather deal with mergers of existing forum content as well as a few new additions. There will also be clearer descriptions of each forum category, hopefully resulting in fewer moved posts for those who have not trained up Reading Comprehension.

A new addition to the EVE forums will include 'Warfare and Tactics,' for PvP and Factional Warfare discussions. Once this section goes live, members of Factional Warfare NPC corporations lose their rights to post in the Corporations, Alliance and Organization Discussions (CAOD) forum, CCP Taera says. An EVE Gameplay Center category is also being added, which will place 'Science and Industry,' 'Missions and Complexes,' and 'Market Discussions' in one section, keeping them all near the top of the forums. It should have the added benefit of keeping it "easier to find specialized conversations on gameplay topics instead of just posting in General," CCP Taera adds.

For the sake of reducing forum clutter, some areas will be sent to the forum graveyard. The EVE TV, PvP Championships, Corporations and Alliances Summit, Windows, and EVE Technology Lab sections are all going to bite the dust. See the Forums Refined dev blog for more info about the changes and how it will affect your forum rants.

This article was originally published on Massively.